Journey Therapeutic Massage Loyalty Program


Become a Journey "Insider"

Whenever you book a massage session within 30 days of your previous session, the subsequent session will be discounted 6.75% So, for example, if you come in every four weeks for a 60-minute profound comfort massage, each session will be just over $5.00 off. Over a year's time, you will have saved $65! You'd essentially be getting one massage free per year! The more frequently you come in, the more you save. There are no contracts to sign and it doesn't cost you anything to participate. The "Insider" discount may not be combined with any other offers. Sessions being paid for in their entirety with a gift certificate will not receive a discount. Sessions booked with any Journey employee qualify for a discount. This offer does not extend to therapists who rent space at Journey. Right now, Anastasia Morris is the only renter working with us. Sessions with her will not be discounted. So, to get your discount, just tell us at check-out that you qualify for an "Insider" discount. We'll just verify that your previous session was within 30 days and you'll save money! We look forward to hearing what you think about this loyalty program and welcome your suggestions.